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Marketing is an ever-evolving process and unless you have the time and ability to consistently follow trends, chances are your business will fall behind.

IQ Creative is the team member you didn’t know you were missing. Our skilled professionals utilize strategic thinking and custom solutions that are focused on delivering results.

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Core Services

Paid Advertising

Not all pay per click advertising is the same. IQ Creative's Calgary digital marketers look at which paid venues will get you the most results for your money. Our approach often incorporates a range of strategies, including Facebook ads and Google Ads.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the bread and butter of what IQ Creative offers. Organic search results are essential to a great marketing strategy, which is where your content comes in. 

Without well-written content, website visitors and search engines won't know what they are looking at. On page, off page and technical search engine optimization all play a role here. Request a meeting to start building a growth strategy for your business today.

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Social Media

Despite what some people might think, social media is not dead and is not going anywhere. Not everyone can afford to pay for clicks, but they can utilize a well put together social media campaign.

Why IQ Creative?

We take a holistic approach to creating digital strategies

Digital marketing and search engine optimization is so much more than writing a blog here or posting an ad there. With IQ Creative, we look at the whole picture to determine how to get you the best results for your brand and, of course, your budget. IQ Creative is a Calgary digital marketing agency that prides itself on taking a holistic approach to your marketing, ensuring you get results that will help your brand continue to grow well into the future.

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Additional Digital Marketing Services

IQ Creative is a full-stack digital marketing agency in Calgary, Alberta. Our primary focus is helping your business grow through a combination of organic and paid advertising. Your success is truly our success. We want to help your business get to where you need it to be. That's why in addition to content marketing, social media and search engine optimization services in Calgary, we also offer:

Traditional Marketing

 Traditional marketing can play a key piece in your online advertising campaign. From newspapers, to radio ads and television, IQ Creative can help. 

Website Maintenance

As part of our monthly packages we offer website maintenance to keep your website and business running optimally.

Website Design

Are you looking to design or develop a new website or refresh the one you have? Ask about our web design solutions.

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